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One-Day Maranjab Desert Safari Tour

1.Tour’s Activities : Safari Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Maranjab Desert
3.Package Code : SafaMar2
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 1 Day(s)
6.Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person(s)
7.Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Person(s)
8.Price(per person) : € 100 Euros
9.Including Costs : Off-road vehicle transportation, English speaking guide, Your dinner
10.Excluding Costs : -
11.Package Description


Note: There is 20% Discount for groups of 2 people, and 30% for groups of 3 or more on all the packages.

Tehran/Kashan/Isfahan- Maranjab Desert - Tehran/Kashan/Isfahan

On your desires date and at your desired time (check the note below), our Iran off-road tour guide picks you up from your accommodation in Tehran, Kashan, or Isfahan and takes you directly to Maranjab Desert, off-road. You'll experience an exciting ride on the sand dunes and the salt lake, will visit Maranjab Caravanserai, enjoy the desert sunset, and soon after will head out of the desert to Kashan, Tehran, or Isfahan to first have dinner and then go to your destination in any of the three cities.


Note: Please mind the information below before setting your pick-up time in the reservation form and make sure you get to the center of the desert in the afternoon.

  • Tehran to Maranjab takes 5 hours
  • Kashan to Maranjab takes 2 hours
  • Isfahan to Maranjab takes 5 hours